Casino Promotions You Simply Cannot Let Slip

Comparing casino promotions is a very popular activity among online gamers and gamblers. However, casinos keep bringing in new ways to promote themselves every week. In addition, there are new casinos entering the market every month. Amidst such chaos, to help you keep a tab on the best of the available promotions, we have shortlisted some irresistible deals here.

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Quatro Casino

Quatro Casino is particularly popular among Canadian online gamblers as it primarily deals in Canadian Dollars. It offers some really interesting promotions for new and valid registrations. If you have a verifiable Canadian address proof, you will be able to get $100 worth of scratch cards and free spins that can be applied to all the slots available at Quatro Casino!

Liberty Slots Casino

This slots special casino offers its new members with some generous freebies. If you are from Australia, Eurozone, the UK or Canada, you only have to get your account verified in order to receive a no deposit casino credit of $20/€15/£12. This credit can be freely used at every slot and what’s more – you get to keep the winnings even if you don’t deposit any money!

Roxy Palace Casino

One of the premier casinos in the UK, Roxy Palace casino has managed to stamp its authority in as few as 13 years. If you wish to join Roxy Palace Casino, you are in for some cool promotions. Once your account is verified, you will get a straight no-questions-asked casino credit coupon worth £10. The coupon will only be applicable on scratch card games. But that’s okay – you will get to access all that you win using this credit.

An Honest Raquet

There is nothing like the collectively held breath of a crowd at a tennis game. Once the ball is served, it’s a non-stop back-and-forth barrage of lobs, volleys and slams. The sheer amount of energy dispersed by the crowd, players and staff can be overwhelming. The same sentiment applies to the 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament, a riveting free-for-all competition that arrives on the wings of the Centre Court online video slot.

center court online slot


The 2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor competition is a serious affair. Get your 8 EUR entrance fee ready, because there are only 1000 seats in this house! This tournament takes place on 2015/10/28 00:10, in the GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone.


The Centre Court is an online slot that will surely thrill any tennis enthusiast. From the symbols of players, trophies and balls to the interactive bonus games, the entire layout of the slot pledges allegiance to the almighty raquet. Check the list for specific features of the Centre Court:

  • 2x, 3x, or 4x Multipliers add levels of wealth to your Free-Spin run!
  • Each coin line can receive 10 coins each! Go all-in at the right time to bank!
  • The Trophy symbol is key! Wild and Scatter symbols can bring immense winnings out of thin air!

Are you ready to rule the Centre Court? Happy playing!

Macau Casinos Look Forward to Uncertain Future

If June’s revenue numbers are any indication, Macau’s casino industry is continuing to struggle. Recently released statistics show that Macau’s total casino revenue is down more than 35% from this time last year. These dwindling revenue numbers come as a surprise, mainly because Macau has received plenty of stimulus cash from European investors.

James Packer, a Dutch billionaire who built his vast fortune through movies and gambling, believes that Macau’s casino industry will begin posting bigger profits in coming quarters. His confidence in Macau’s world-class casinos is not supported by the Deutsche Bank.

Macau Casinos look to the future

The Deutsche Bank is currently predicting that Packer and his company, Crown Resorts, will not earn as much during the second half of 2015. This is because Crown Resorts has funneled so much money into various gambling complexes in Macau.

Dutch Banking Analysts Discuss Macau Further

One of the reasons why Dutch banking analysts believe Macau-based casinos will continue to struggle is that fewer well-heeled gamblers are visiting Macau on vacations and business trips. Dutch bankers told reporters that high-stakes gambling has been reduced by more than 50% during the past 6 months.

Gambling analysts speculate that fewer rich gamblers are visiting Macau because the Chinese government eliminated much of the corruption that permeated the island’s casino industry previously. This corruption supported the richest gamblers.

Reasons for Optimism in Macau

Despite the rather grim revenue forecast, James Packer believes that there is reason for optimism in Macau. China has relaxed their visa requirements for wealthy gamblers who plan to vacation in Macau. This revamped policy suggests that politicians in Beijing are committed to helping Macau repair its tarnished image.

Casino Mate Online Casino Review

Casino Mate, a popular Microgaming casino, has a distinct charisma and is among the only online casinos serving Australian players. Casino Mate has evolved as an industry leader over the years. Microgaming casino powers all the games on the casino and is a famous platform in the gaming market. The gaming license of Microgaming is from the Malta jurisdiction.

Even though Casino Mate welcomes players from a majority of the countries, it cannot presently accept US players.

Casino Mate, a popular Microgaming casino, has a distinct charisma and is among the only online casinos serving Australian players.

Reliable assistance

Casino Mate knows that a dedicated professional team is required to operate a online friendly casino. For this reason, they have employed a support staff that works 24/7 answering all customer queries, comments and concerns.

There is also a quick live chat which is easily accessible through the website as well as the casino software. The support staff is also reachable on call via any national toll-free number which is listed on the page.

Security and transparency

It is very important for the players to know that there is no leaking of their personal information when they are playing online casino. Player safety is ensured by Casino Mate using 128-bit SSL encryption. With this kind of a security system, it is impossible for anybody to read the data sent by you to the servers, while travelling across the internet.

Since Microgaming is used by Casino Mate, there is nothing questionable about the integrity of the games. But for the satisfaction of the players, Casino Mate has also ensured that a separate auditing is performed by the eCogra professionals. It is possible for the players to click on the seal placed at end of the casino website and they would be taken to a detailed official report which contains certification as well as the payout percentages of the previous period.


Tornado Farm Escape Slot Review

Net Entertainment powered Tornado Farm Escape has been designed with 20 pay-lines and 5 reels with a South West feel and some country music. The game depicts happy farm animals tossing about in the tornado in anticipation of a new adventure while the farmer looks on helplessly. Your aim as a player is to help the fun loving animals escape destruction as a tornado rages through their farm. To have some fun on the screen, you can trigger the ‘Storm’ randomly which starts from the outermost corner of the reels and then moves in any direction and generates wild symbols before disappearing from the other end.

Bonus Features and Symbols

tornado-farm-escapeYou get two bonus features which are signified by special symbols called the “Hot” symbol that appears on reel 1 and the “Cold” symbol that appears on reel 5 simultaneously. When these two symbols appear, the symbol on middle reel in the second row becomes centre-point of a gathering tornado which collects all symbols on the screen to give you a cash prize. The game is interspersed with typical objects that you can find in a farm – like farm animals, a radio, a wooden stool, furniture, gumboots and a television which is the wild symbol.

Special features of the slot

You can start from as little as 20p per spin to a maximum amount of €200, depending on the bet size and pay-lines you want to bet on. Between the bet options available on this game there are ten levels and seven varied coin values that can help you choose the bet values suitable to your budget. The two special features of this game are Tornado Feature and Strom Feature. While the former spins up the symbols into a tornado and gives you coins along with re-spins, the latter scatters forth several wild symbols among the reels to increase chances of winning.

Irelands New Online Gaming Laws Explaine

There is a booming online gambling industry in Ireland

Following Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan’s several-year-long campaign to introduce a levy on the booming online gambling industry in Ireland, it appears that his rules are now set to be signed into law.

Having been reported on off and on since Mr Noonan took his position over three years ago, there has been much confusion as to the nature of the rules and whether they are set to effect the countries players; and if so, how.

Inspired by the country’s recent downturn and the Ministers projections that an accurate tax on the industry could raise up to twenty five million euros in order to help decrease the nation’s sky-high deficit, the levy will target foreign bookmakers and gambling organisations who offer services to Irish residents.

For the past decade or so, such organisations have relished and thrive within an essentially tax-free infrastructure – having been legally allowed to avoid paying back into the systems within countries they make money in.

Under the new legislation however, all bookmakers and gambling exchanges doing business with Irish residents must first obtain a license in the country, regardless of where in the world they are based.

Following numerous delays amidst appeals and the like over the course of the past few years, it looks as though the law is finally set to become official – with the Irish Finance Department stating that they expect to see this newly generated income become active by the middle months of 2015.

For more information on the subject of Online Gaming tax in the Irish Republic readers should not hesitate to consult Reuters News.

Six New Slot Games from Endorphina

Looks like Endorphina, an online gaming software provider is keen on offering a wide range of games to its players. The Czech-based provider recently released six new slot games. The marketing manager of the company, Stepanka Chmelarova assured its players that they will get plenty of new exciting and interesting additions in Endorphina’s games all throughout the year.

Endorphina offers a wide range of games to its players

Six times lucky

Among the six games is Origami, which is a powerful and addictive combo of modern slot features and the classic Japanese art. These games were premièred at the ICE Totally Gaming event in February, and this one attracted the most attention. It is a five-reel, ten lines game. Players win multipliers when they get the origami cat symbol on the reel.

Stone Age, as the name suggests, is based on the prehistoric period. The game rewards you with ten free chances at continuing with the slot if you get three Scatter symbols in the reel. High rollers are definitely going to love this one!

Magical games!

Adding a mystical touch to the games is the addictive Fairy Tale, which is adventurous and equally rewarding. The game also has Free Spins feature, which is almost endless! You are required to free all the doves trapped inside four cages by finding their keys. While you are at it, you get the chance to win massive prizes and a lot of money!

Wild Fruits may look like a regular fruit slot game, but once you get the various symbols into action, it will turn into one delicious treat! Minotaurus, on the other hand, is a Greek mythology-based slot game, which is interesting as well as bankable.

Last on the list is Macarons, which takes you on a romantic journey around the city of Paris. With these six releases by Endorphina, each kind of slot player will have something to look forward to.

What to Look Forward to in iGaming Asia 2015

The premier event iGaming Asia Congress 2015 is to take place in Macau from March 17 to 19, 2015. It is a one of its kind expo and conference for sports betting and online casino gaming in the Asia region.

iGaming Asia 2015

 What to look for

Over 250 executives representing leading Asian brands related to sports betting, lottery, social gaming, online casino and mobile gaming are likely to attend the iGaming Asia 2015. The industry experts come together in this event because it provides great meeting and networking opportunities for people under the same roof. Here people from the field of online gaming in Asia get the chance to forge new business partnerships and interact about innovations and developments in the field and formulate strategies for further development of gaming in Asia.

This year the speaker line up is impressive too. The lectures are a great way for the attendees to learn more about the industry as a whole. David Jung, Hero Poker CEO is one such notable speaker for 2015. Other notable ones are also experts in their respective fields such as SBTech CEO, Paddy Power president for their Asian region and many more. These lectures will be a good opportunity for attendees to know more about online casino industry in Asia and discuss the same with industry leaders.

Attendees also get the chance to preview and review latest products and technologies that will be on display in the exhibitions.


New additions

The most exciting addition this year is a new conference for mobile and social gaming in Asia. The conference is organized to broadly cover all things related to this growing sector in Asia. With this new addition participants will get more opportunity to network and discuss innovations in the field. Other new thing is that this year the event will feature new regions in Asia and many first-time exhibitors.

Trump Taj Mahal

Union Workers Suffer in New Jersey Gambling Meltdown


Chris ChristieThe battle between New Jersey’s billionaire casino owners and their union workers has been going on for most of this year. With casinos in Atlantic City struggling to make any money, casino owners tried everything in their power to cut costs. One of these measures was to heavily reduce the benefits paid to their workers.

By cutting health and life insurance benefits for their union employees, casinos saved millions of dollars. Unfortunately, this measure was not enough to stop multiple casinos shutting down this year. Others are on the brink of bankruptcy. In addition, the move created widespread animosity among the workers that prop up these casinos on a daily basis.

Three public protests took place this year from workers who belong to unions in Atlantic City. They are very unhappy about the way they were treated by casino owners. They also believe that the city and state governments did very little to help them. Governor Chris Christie tried his best to help the casinos, but very little of his policy put the concerns of workers as a priority.

One casino, the Trump Taj Mahal, is still fighting to remain open. However, they can only remain financially solvent if union employees will agree to drop a lawsuit filed against the company. The lawsuit alleges that the union contracts of Trump Taj Mahal workers were unfairly cancelled. Workers lost their health insurance, pensions and other benefits.

Despite such open and ruthless actions against their workers, the Trump Taj Mahal is adamant they did the right thing. “The place could not have stayed open had we honored those pensions and health insurance contracts. There would have been no Trump Taj for anyone to work at,” said a source from within the company.

This fight between the unions, union workers and casinos is going to spill over into 2015.


Packer to Kick Goals for Labour

Casino at nightLloyd Williams, eminent businessman and co-founder of Crown Casino, recently announced his support of Labour party official Daniel Andrews.

Unofficial news

An unsolicited remark made by Williams was captured offhand by a news correspondent during a campaign photo-op held at Williams’ Hudson Conway Racing track in Macedon, just outside of Melbourne.

Speaking on behalf of James Packer, one of the richest men in Australia and chairman of Crown Casino, Williams claimed that Packer would help the Labour party achieve their goals.

Delighted to have such a prominent name in Mr. Williams on his side, Andrews currently holds a confident lead in recent opinion polls conducted. With a comfortable 54 to 46 jump over the Coalition party, Andrews has been known to have prior associations with Crown.

Labour bound?

A seemingly quid pro quo situation, Andrews recently backed Crown Casino with a government deal that will extend the casino’s license to operate well until 2050. In addition the current casino venue will also increase number of gaming slot machines by 130. There will be 50 automated game terminals, as well as 40 game tables added to the casino’s current repertoire.

The deal will have Crown pay an upfront amount of $250 million AUD in license extension fee. Although tax payers might end up paying Crown $200 million AUD if future gambling requirements affect profits incurred by the venue.

In reply to arguments raised by critics, Andrews claimed to have consented to the deal with Crown in efforts to make the best of a bad situation. Mr. Andrews is said to have known Packer for years and refused to comment further on record.

Packer overseas

James Packer, however, is out of the country on business and will not be available for comment in regard to recorded statement made by Williams.

Close friend to Packer, Williams stated his position as an executive member of the Packer group and that James was going to kick the entire goal for the Labor party. Packer is an active figure in Australian political scene and has made generous donations to both the Liberal and Labour Parties in Victoria.