Packer to Kick Goals for Labour

Casino at nightLloyd Williams, eminent businessman and co-founder of Crown Casino, recently announced his support of Labour party official Daniel Andrews.

Unofficial news

An unsolicited remark made by Williams was captured offhand by a news correspondent during a campaign photo-op held at Williams’ Hudson Conway Racing track in Macedon, just outside of Melbourne.

Speaking on behalf of James Packer, one of the richest men in Australia and chairman of Crown Casino, Williams claimed that Packer would help the Labour party achieve their goals.

Delighted to have such a prominent name in Mr. Williams on his side, Andrews currently holds a confident lead in recent opinion polls conducted. With a comfortable 54 to 46 jump over the Coalition party, Andrews has been known to have prior associations with Crown.

Labour bound?

A seemingly quid pro quo situation, Andrews recently backed Crown Casino with a government deal that will extend the casino’s license to operate well until 2050. In addition the current casino venue will also increase number of gaming slot machines by 130. There will be 50 automated game terminals, as well as 40 game tables added to the casino’s current repertoire.

The deal will have Crown pay an upfront amount of $250 million AUD in license extension fee. Although tax payers might end up paying Crown $200 million AUD if future gambling requirements affect profits incurred by the venue.

In reply to arguments raised by critics, Andrews claimed to have consented to the deal with Crown in efforts to make the best of a bad situation. Mr. Andrews is said to have known Packer for years and refused to comment further on record.

Packer overseas

James Packer, however, is out of the country on business and will not be available for comment in regard to recorded statement made by Williams.

Close friend to Packer, Williams stated his position as an executive member of the Packer group and that James was going to kick the entire goal for the Labor party. Packer is an active figure in Australian political scene and has made generous donations to both the Liberal and Labour Parties in Victoria.